Sulfide Mining Threat to the BWCA

2000 0702 Friday Bay Sunset - 1How PolyMet is different:

  • PolyMet’s proposed mine deviates from historical Northern Minnesota mining by targeting metal sulfide compounds rather than iron oxide (taconite)
  • Metal sulfide compounds + air + water → sulfuric acid
  • Low grade ore → 41,000 tons of metal sulfide containing waste rock per day
  • Sulfuric acid will be generated for centuries
  • PolyMet has neither the reputation, financial resources, or responsibility as an LLC to care for the environment for centuries
  • Behind PolyMet is Glencore, which has an extremely poor history for fairness and honesty including labor, human rights, and environmental issues
  • PolyMet’s environmental impact statement skirts the issue of the BWCA by drawing watershed maps inaccurately and in outright contradiction to US government maps

What you can do:2000 0701 Lower Basswood Falls - 1

Request that the SDEIS be corrected and added to in order to address issues of mapping and lack of financial assurance.  Request a longer public review period for the environmental impacts of PolyMet’s proposed sulfide mine before 4:30 pm on March 13 by email to

Meaningful public comments are those that address deficiencies in the environmental impact statement. Request additions and corrections to the environmental impact statement including accurate mapping and a section on financial assurance for environmental protection.